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Document Imaging

Is your business faced with the growing challenge of managing large amounts of information and data? Do you have to file and store confidential human resource files, financial documents, medical billing records and other information?

Do you know how to safeguard all this data and ensure that it won't be mismanaged, lost or stolen? Recent legislation requires higher standards and improved data storage procedures to guarantee a higher level of privacy and confidentiality in the area of personal information archival.

Network Logics provides a solution with Laserfiche software to ensure that your information is secure, but readily available. Laserfiche can give you the ability to store important records securely and access information quickly. Your complete catalog of paper documentation can be converted into electronic images and then retrieved effortlessly in seconds from your desktop.

How does document imaging work? There are five components to a complete document imaging system:

  • Scanning the documents into the system
  • Storing the documents on a hard drive or optical disk
  • Indexing the documents are easily retrievable
  • Retrieving documents quickly
  • Viewing documents when authorized

Thousands of organizations around the world use document imaging every day instead of paper filing systems. The reasons for this change are simple. Document imaging:

  • Prevents lost records
  • Maximizes workflow efficiency
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Archives data to computer disk (CD)
  • Is a powerful component of a disaster recovery plan
  • Makes images centrally available
  • Makes finding documents fast
  • Increases security of proprietary documents

More information on how Laserfiche software can help your business save time, money and comply with federal regulations is on the Laserfiche Overview page. There is also information on the specific benefits of using Laserfiche if you are Small & Medium Business, Large Enterprise, or Government. To see just how cost-effective this can be check out the document imaging ROI Calculator.


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