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Software & Hardware

Network Logics provides a full range of hardware and software solutions. These include:

Server planning and specifications
Network Logics evaluates your current configuration, gives you a detailed analysis, and then designs servers to help you meet your current needs and to accommodate future growth. We can install RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) on your servers, which provide excellent fault tolerance and performance, a tape backup schedule, SCSI hard drives, Ethernet, memory, and more.

Software and hardware upgrades and purchases
Network Logics can evaluate your current software and hardware and help you determine what upgrades can help your employees be more productive and your business be more efficient. Network Logics can purchase and install the hardware and software for you or we can just install upgrades that you purchase.

Data migration
If you need to move data from one computer or server to another one, you want to know that everything will look the same on the new machine. Network Logics can help you prevent lost productivity by doing a seamless data migration and thus ensuring that your users can access existing data files just like they did on previous machines.

Computer training
Network Logics offers a wide variety of computer training to assist your users after new hardware and software is installed.

Maintenance and service agreements
Network Logics offers a monthly maintenance agreement that covers a number of services for a flat fee, based on the number of users.

Our monthly maintenance package includes the following:

  • Network engineer dedicated to you with a guaranteed 4-hour response time
  • Telephone support
  • Remote management through terminal services
  • Verification of virus definitions on file servers and desktops
  • Installation of software updates
  • Confirmation and updates of service packs, hot fixes, and security packages on your servers or workstations
  • Examination of event logs on servers and workstations
  • Test of the battery backup on your monitoring system
  • Inspection of disk space on server and workstations and advising you when resources become low
  • Verification of data redundancy with RAID systems
  • Validation that your applications are installed correctly and working properly
  • Application software updates
  • Authentication of proper services
  • Monitoring processors, disk space, and memory utilization on your server
  • Ensuring that vital company data is being stored reliably
  • System training
  • Advice on software licensing issues
  • Server and workstation hardware repairs
  • Monitoring your infrastructure to insure that no collision is occurring
  • Advice on network security issues
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Routine server maintenance
  • Review of backup schedule
  • Network security updates
  • Consultation on hardware and software purchases

For a detailed listing of Network Logics' CMBL and ClSV-certified software and hardware services, go to CISV Catalog for Network Logics.


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