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Network Security


No business can afford to be lax about the security of its network. If you haven't implemented a network security program, your network is vulnerable to outside intruders and viruses. Network Logics offers these services to help you create a secure network:

Firewall protection
A firewall is the first line of defense from outside intrusion. A firewall can be either software or hardware - hardware is recommended. Network Logics can set up the firewall in front of the router to prevent outside users from accessing your computer network.

Virus protection
If your computers are attacked by multiple viruses and you haven't installed anti-virus software, you may have to rebuild the hard drives on each one of your computers. Network Logics helps you prevent this problem by installing software to protect your computers and network from viruses. AntiVirus software monitors your servers and desktops and does daily updates. If a virus enters your network, the software immediately quarantines and disables the virus.

Network security audits
Unless you're a network expert, you probably don't know if your network is secure and where you might have holes in your security. Network Logics can perform a security audit of your network and look for possible vulnerabilities on the server, open ports, anonymous logins, and older usernames. We can also verify the tape backup, raid configuration, virus definitions, UPS status, and services running on the server. We can add service patches on all machines and check the configuration of software and services running on all of your computer equipment. Once you have this information, we can help you implement a network security program to ensure that your network is truly secure.

For a detailed listing of Network Logics CMBL and CISV-certified network security services, go to CISV Catalog for Network Logics.

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