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Laserfiche Overview


Local, county, state and federal government all handle lots of documents and the paper traffic can be overwhelming and expensive. It can take a lot of time to respond to public information requests, especially if you have documents that are stored in records rooms or offsite.

There is always the risk of losing, misfiling, or damaging paper documents and yet you have the fiduciary responsibility to preserve mission-critical public records, adhere to records retention and destruction schedules, and to ensure that you control access to and distribution of sensitive records.

All of this can have a huge impact on your budget, productivity, and quality of public service. What is the solution? It is Laserfiche document imaging software from Network Logics.

Laserfiche software allows you to organize, manage, share, and retrieve documents quickly, safely, and cost-efficiently. With a document imaging program, you also avoid the risk of losing, misfiling, or damaging paper documents.

Once your documents are scanned, stored, and indexed in the Laserfiche system, you determine which users have the rights to access which documents. Then they can easily do a search using a Windows Explorer-look-and-feel interface to find a document.

Network Logics offers Laserfiche solutions because we believe that this software can actually save you money, help your employees be more productive, and help you respond faster and with more accuracy to the public.

We also offer Laserfiche software to help you meet the demands of current legislation, limit civil and criminal liabilities, and avoid severe financial penalties for being out of compliance. More information on regulatory legislation and how it might affect the work you do is available on the compliance page.

To see just how cost-effective document imaging can be, check out the document imaging ROI Calculator. You can get more information on Laserfiche products from Network Logics and information on Laserfiche benefits. There is a special edition of Laserfiche for government that is DoD-5015.2 certified. To learn more about this, you can download a PDF of the Laserfiche Records Management Edition™ brochure.

You can download these additional PDF documents from Laserfiche to give you more specific information on how document imaging can boost your company's productivity and save you money in the long-run:

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