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Laserfiche Overview

If you are work with the government, in the financial industry, in healthcare, or large enterprise, you should be thinking about document imaging. Why? Laserfiche software from Network Logics allows you to organize, manage, share and retrieve documents quickly, safely and cost-efficiently. With a document imaging program, you also avoid the risk of losing, misfiling, or damaging paper documents.

Network Logics offers Laserfiche solutions because we believe that this software can actually save you money, help your employees be a lot more productive and help you respond faster and with more accuracy to your customers.

We also offer Laserfiche software to help your organization achieve compliance with current legislation, limit civil and criminal liabilities and avoid severe financial penalties for non-compliance. More information about recent legislation and your responsibilities is located on our Compliance page.

So how does document imaging work and what does Laserfiche do? First, you scan your documents into the system, they are stored on a hard drive, optical disk, tape, or other media and then Laserfiche digitally converts the documents to TIFF files (tagged image file format), one of the most widely supported formats for storing images. The scanning can be outsourced or done internally.

With sophisticated OCR (optical character recognition) software, all information is then indexed to a template that organizes files and provides quick and easy access.

The retrieval process uses information about the documents in the system, such as the date and type of file, to locate data. Access rights are given to users to view and read information, similar to those provided by Microsoft's Active Directory.

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How Laserfiche software works

Laserfiche software is loaded on both the server and the desktop. The server edition stores the data volumes and the workstation software enables access to the program across the network. The engine behind Laserfiche is the Microsoft SQL Server software platform, which makes managing and locating documentation fast, reliable and stable.

Here is the way that information flows from the user into the system and is then accessible by the user:

  • User enters paper documents & records into scanner
  • Data is entered into system and converted to digital TIFF files
  • User retrieves data from indexed digital records from Laserfiche workstation
  • User views doc's based upon access rights: Read, write, administrator and supervisor

So why buy Laserfiche from us? Laserfiche is only available for purchase through authorized resellers like Network Logics. We have been trained to install, service and support their full line of products. As an information technology company, Network Logics understands software and computer networks and can offer you support from experienced technicians. We can support your full range of IT and document management needs.

If you would like to gather information on Laserfiche products and the learn about the benefits of Laserfiche for your IT group, records manager and end users, it is available for your review.

You can also download a Laserfiche brochure that provides an overview about their document management solutions. Additional brochures, targeted for the financial, healthcare and government services markets are also available on the Network Logics web site for: Small & Medium Business, Large Enterprise and Government.


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